4 Ways To Grow Your Reach On Facebook

4 Ways To Grow Your Reach On Facebook


In today's examsqanda community update, we will be discussing 4 Ways To Grow Your Reach On Facebook either as a community admin or any other Facebook users. So let go straight to the point!

What is Facebook reach?

Reach on Facebook is the number of people who saw any content from your Page or about your Page. So as a Admin of a page or group, what can you do to increase your reach.

To up your content game as an Admin, you should identify the peaks of engagement in your page or group and adapt your content strategy to reflect that.

The four pillars that Meta recommends when planning your content strategy are:

  1. engagement
  2. originality
  3. loyalty and
  4. retention.

Engagement We want the content on Facebook to spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people. That's why we increase distribution for posts that inspire friend-to-friend or person-to-person engagement.

Originality Original content reflects the unique voice and value of the group whose members create it. It’s distinctive, has material that is editorialized, and consists of text and visuals that can't be found elsewhere on Facebook. FYI: content with limited originality faces reduced distribution, so it’s better to craft original content.

Loyalty The more people who come back to consume your content, the higher your content's distribution is likely to be. We consider how frequently members return to see your content and how many readers/viewers you retain on a regular basis.

Retention Research shows that people on Facebook find value in longer content that tells a story. That's why we prioritize content that is long enough to craft a narrative and compelling enough to keep people reading/watching.

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