CBN Unveils New 1000, 500 And 200 Naira Security Features

CBN Unveils New 1000, 500 and 200 Naira Security Features

Following the launched of the New Naira Banknotes on November 23rd 2022 by CBN, the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN has Unveils New 1000, 500 and 200 Naira Security Features.

According to CBN, to check the security features of the New Naira bank note, Nigerians should visit to view the security features of both the 1000, 200 and 500 Naira notes.

This security features will help you understand and differentiate the real new Naira bank note from the fake ones.

Benefits of new Naira notes

CBN stated that the Introduction of the new Naira notes will help check counterfeiting. The redesign is also expected to strengthen the economy, reduce the expenditure on cash management, promote financial inclusion, and enhance the CBN's visibility of the money supply.

The global standard period for redesigning a country's currency is five to eight years, which means that the Naira is long overdue for redesigning. Also, having a considerable amount of money currently outside the banks back into the financial system may help ease inflationary pressures, deepen financial inclusion and enhance cashless policy.

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